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Everything that goes on at Spotlite is listed here if you fancy a little read!


Well this was the year that nearly never was!

After doing well at the Hampshire Festival of Dance the  Coronavirus hit the world and everything ground to a halt.

We missed Move It, our exam session....


Our biggest news so far is that we are opened our own studios after the Easter holidays, we are all loving having our own home!

Another new plus was the addition of Connor to our teaching faculty who is now teaching all of the Street and Commercial classes. 

We were very successful at the Hampshire Festival of Dance, came home with quite a few trophies!

Massive congratulations to Macy, Ella, Lily, Jasmine and Aj who auditioned and were offered places at Italia Conti this September, and Alisha who after being offered many places is off to Wilkes academy with a scholarship!

100% Exam pass rate on all exams taken including Macy, Ella, Aj and Jasmine who took their Intermediate RAD.

Congratulations to Aj, Macy, Ella, Ellie, Jas, Zaz, Evie, Poppy, Aneya, Sophie, Darcy, Lauren, Harriet and Charlotte who all auditioned and gained places in The Prince Halls production of Jack and the Beanstalk.

We did really well in The Aspects of Dance festival gaining mostly first places!


Again 100% pass rate on our recent examination session with many 90+ marks! And well done to Alisha, Georgia and Holly for passing their Intermediate RAD Ballet.

Very tough competition at The Guildford Festival of Dance this year but again we did really well and came home with a few 1st places and a few qualifications for the All England!

Congratulations to Jade for gaining a place on the college course at Italia Conti for this September, Georgia for gaining a place on the Degree Course at Italia Conti and Kitty for gaining a place at Wilks on the Diploma course!

Congratulations to Alisha, Jasmine, Aj, Zaz, Ellie, Lily, Anna, Macy, Ella, Ashlie, Poppy, Darcy, Aneya, Lauren, Sophie and Evie who auditioned and were offered places at The Princes Halls production of Beauty and the Beast Pantomime.


100% Pass rate in our exam session with most children receiving Honours and Distinctions!

We did fantastically well at Guildford Festival, and we cleaned up at the Aspects of Dance festival,you can see all the trophies on our Facebook page!

Our show was a huge success as always and the kids begged for us to do another day of shows!

Holly and Georgia auditioned and were offered places at Italia Conte dance college, they started there this September and are both doing fantastically well.

Some of the girls performed at The Meads Christmas light switch on, alongside Reggie & Bollie, they also performed at The Yateley Charity Winter Wonderland!

Georgia, Holly, Alisha, Jasmine, Macy, Anna, Lily, Ashlie, Ella B, Ella R, Ellie, Aneya, Poppy, Evie and Lauren all successfully auditioned for The Princes Hall production of Aladdin and have just finished their month run, Maddie, Aj and Maisy all gained places in the Starburst Pantomime, Jack And The Beanstalk. They all worked like professionals and were fabulous!


We got a good haul of trophies at the Farnborough and Guildford festivals of Dance! We performed at Gig On the Green and we performed at a charity event to raise money for little Freddie to get treatment in America for a brain tumour!

We also performed with Reggie & Bollie to launch Christmas in farnborough!

At Christmas Connie, Georgia, Holly, Chloe, Kitty, Jasmine, Alisha, Sophie, Alicia, Macy, Anna, Ashlie, Ella, Lily, Poppy and Toby all performed in the Princes Hall production of Sleeping Beauty, which got rave reviews in The Stage!

Congratulations to Connie, Georgia, Kitty, Jasmine, Chloe, Holly, Alisha, Katie, Eloise, Sophie, Alicia, Macy, Lily, Ashlie, Ella and Rhys who all performed in the Princes Hall Pantomime 'Cinderella' this christmas, and well done to Anna and Ellie who performed in the Harlington Centres Pantomime 'Alladin'!

Very proud of you all!

We cleaned up at the Farnborough Festival in October we placed in every section we competed in most of those places were 1st!!

Examinations 2015

Congratulations to everyone that took exams, 100% pass rate with nearly all receiving distinction!

Stars of the Future UK!

Against very tough competition Macy won the junior soloist out of 45 and the junior group took 2nd, which means we will be heading to Blackpool for the finals in May!

Guildford Festival 2015

Another very good haul!


1st Place Kiara, Lauren, Emily, Zara - Ballet Quartet

1st Place Aneya under 9 Modern solo

2nd, 3rd, 4th to Brogan, Lily and Ellie under 13 Modern

3rd and 4th to Ellie and Abigail under 13 Lyrical

!st to Holly and 3rd to Jade in under 15 Lyrical

1st PLace to Chloe under 17 Lyrical

2nd to Daisy under 9 Lyrical

1st Place to the Junior Modern Group


1st PLace to Georgia under 15 Lyrical

1st Place to the Inter Modern Group who also won the Inter cup!

4th Place to Anna for under 12 Lyrical

2nd Place to the senior group out of 22!

A big congratulations to Beccy who has just graduated from Bodyworks with Distinction! She will now be teaching our Senior Street Class and will be taking private lessons until she's snapped up in the West End!!

Pantomime 2014

Well done to Ella and Ashlie for gaining places in The Harlington Centres production of Alladin, and Congratulations to Georgia, Connie, Kitty, Verity, Chloe, Holly, Katie, Eloise and Lilly-May for gaining places in The Princes Hall production of Snow White!

Examinations, March 2014

Another successful exam session with 100 % pass rate and nearly everyone receiving honours and distinctions!

Very proud of all of you!

Pantomime 2013

Big congratulations to Connie, Georgia, Verity, Katie, Libby, Eloise and Beccy who auditioned and successfully gained places in this year production of 'Peter Pan' at the Princes Hall this Christmas!

And to Ella who will be appearing in Fleets production of Dick Whittington

Examinations, May 2013

A big well done to all the Spotlite Kids who took examinations! 100% pass rate with nearly everyone receiving Honours or Distinction!

Christmas 2013

Connie, Eloise and Libby entertained audiences as dancers in the Princes Hall production of 'Beauty and the Beast'. Well done girls you were wonderful!

September 2012 - Reading Dance Festival

Big Congratulations to all who entered we cleaned up again!

Macey 1st Place Modern Class B

Georgia 1st Place Lyrical Class C

Ashlie 2nd Place Modern Class

Jasmine 3rd Place Modern Class B

Anna Cavey 2nd Place Modern Class A

Eloise 1st Place Modern Class C

Emily Hildreth 2nd Place Modern Class Baby

Macey 2nd Place Lyrical Class B

Lacey 1st Place Modern Class C

Ella 1st Place Character Class B

Connie 2nd Place Modern Class C

2nd Place Junior Modern Group 'Oh Yeah'

Jasmine 2nd Place Lyrical Class B

Isabel 3rd Place Modern and Lyrical

Kitty 2nd Place Lyrical Class C

1st Place and 3rd Place for Inter Groups!! (Hide + Seek 1st, Pop Drop 3rd)

1st Place Junior Lyrical Group

September 2012 we were invited to perform at Her Majesty's Theatre in the West End! It was a fantastic day and the Spotlite Kids were outstanding! We definitely got the biggest cheer!

September 2011, many pupils entered the Reading Festival of Dance and we pretty much cleaned up!

Connie 2 in Lyrical age 10

Georgia 1 in Modern age 11

Kitty 3 in Modern age 11

Jasmine 2 in Modern age 9 

Eloise 4 in Modern age 11

Connie - Kitty - Emily 1 in Junior Modern trio

Georgia + Eloise 4 Place Inter Modern Duet

Ist Place Trophy for Inter Modern Group

Cat 1 in Modern and Lyrical age 17

Yas 2 in Modern age 17

Becky 4 in Modern age 17

Isabel 1 in Modern and Lyrical age 16

Libby 2 in Lyrical age 16

1 and 2 Place for our Senior Lyrical Troupe

Highest Mark Modern Isabel!

At Christmas Connie, Libby, Isabel and Kitty appeared in Aladdin at the Princes Hall and were fantastic!

In February we entered the Guildford Festival of Dance and yet again came away with a good haul!

Macey 2 in Lyrical age 8

2 Place Junior Modern Troupe

4 Place Inter Lyrical Troupe

Hannah 1 in Modern and 3 in Lyrical age 14

Verity 1 in Greek

Eloise 3 in Modern age 11

Georgia 4 in Modern 11

Cat 1 Modern and Lyrical age 17

Isabel 2 in Modern and 3 In Lyrical age 16

Yas 3 in Lyrical and 3 in Modern age 17

1 Place Senior Modern Troupe!

Spotlite also took their Tap exams in February all passed with flying colours and many Distinctions!

A few pupils auditioned for pantomime in June and all did really well. Connie, Libby and Eloise gained places in Beauty and the Beast and Summer gained a place in Aladdin! Bring on Camberley, Woking and Bracknell auditions!

We were then invited to perform at Yateleys ‘Gig On The Green’ music festival! The Street boys and girls rehearsed for many weeks and performed last Saturday to a crowd of about 5,000, they were fantastic and were cheered on by the whole crowd!

Unfortunately this is the last show for many of our senior girls!

Cat, Becky and Yasmin are all off to university and we wish them lots of luck in the future!

Libby auditioned and was offered places at many performing arts colleges, she has chosen to attend Millennium and will start there in September!

Hopefully she will be back soon to show us all how well she is doing! Good Luck Libby!

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